Veteran’s Day service project

Every Veteran’s Day, we send letters to a veteran to thank them for serving our country. This year, I would like to turn Veteran’s Day into a service project.

I learned about a program called Operation Gratitude. They collect candy, letters, and toiletries that they ship to the troops overseas. Here is a link to their blog:

To tie in with our studies of Veteran’s Day in the next week, I am planning on doing the following:

  1. I am going to encourage the kids to bring in any Halloween candy they don’t want, and collect it in a box in the classroom. They can bring candy in until Monday, November 10.
  2. If you wish to donate toiletries (see blog for list), feel free to send those in as well.
  3. For writing, we will be writing to the soldiers to thank them for their service.

I want to teach the students not only about Veteran’s Day, but about doing things for other people to show we care about them and what they do for us.

I will be mailing out the candy and letters on Monday, November 10 right after school.

Thanks in advance for your help with our class project!


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